Leadership Team / Board Meeting Facilitation

Leadership TeamBoard Meeting Facilitation:

Does your team struggle to resolve difficult issues or make decisions that generate real commitment and more importantly accountability? The Mind Maestro coaches have tremendous amount of patience and perseverance that helps leadership teams remain focussed and make meetings more productive and effective.

The key to successful meetings is shared learning and decision making. During the facilitation process, our coaches will walk the team through 3 stages:

1) Identifying needs and issues

2) Deliberating and concluding solutions for the same

3) Goal setting and accountability for the priorities.

For some teams, the outcomes from a single facilitated meeting day will accomplish their business objectives and help them move forward productively. For others, Leadership Team Facilitation becomes a jumping-off point for resolving more systemic challenges that consistently get in the way of the team operating efficiently. One of or month on month or quarterly engagement with our coaches will surely take your team to the next level of performance.